Shoot & edit like a pro.

Introducing NeuralCam ProStyles

Imagine if you could edit your photos just like your favorite photographer. With ProStyles, you really can.

It's a new camera app that automatically edits photos in a given photographer’s style, instantly as you take them.
all of it, on your mobile device.  

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Select unique insta-worthy styles to apply to your photos. It's easy-peasy to find your favorite artist, so you can add that visual aesthetic that you love to your Instagram feed. 

Blow away your followers with one of the unique editing styles created by your favorite artists and influencers.

Post photos from right inside ProStyles and see how easy it is to add a unique visual aesthetic to your feed.


It's really smart.

ProStyles is built with the ProStyles Engine, a new proprietary AI technology that we’ve developed at NeuralCam.

It’s a quite cool piece of technology that, given a dataset of examples, lets photographers train their own AI style models that edit photos or videos in their own style. Then, on the client side it makes it possible to run these models on the phone in real-time, capturing full resolution photos & videos in the photographer’s style.